Mint your own NFTs with just a few clicks! Upload an image from your local drive, or mint an existing post on Facebook or Twitter.

Easily upload your NFTs from your Soda wallet to social media for the whole world to see!

Create your own DAO in minutes using single NFT or NFT collection. Engage your followers to join the governance by creating customized proposals and vote with Web3 identity verification.

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Soda is a social NFT and DAO extension on Web2 social networks that is built on Polygon. Currently Soda has fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and more to come. Ultimately, we will launch our own network to onboard all users to fully enjoy the Web3 version of Soda. Soda serves as a gateway for users to autonomously manage identity and data privacy at their entry points across various metaverses. It also allows projects to create a DAO off of minted NFTs, and supports offchain governance and community building through Facebook and Twitter. Soda will educate and enable Web2 users to experience NFTs and DAOs seamlessly in the following ways:

   • Library: Discover, share, and interact with friends across a universal library of social assets and organizations

   • Tokenization: All-in-one extension to create, tokenize and share social creations and form communities around them

   • Interaction: React, bond and collaborate through tracked activities


Additionally, the Soda Market is a marketplace that supports NFT mints with decentralized technology, while transferring through original traditional social networks as communication channels. Soda will be integrated with existing marketplaces like OpenSea to make it easier to list their creations for sale or buy new NFTs and have them flow into Soda’s ecosystem.

Soda is an abbreviation for “Social dApp”, and the middleware platform and project called Sonet is an abbreviation for “Social Network”. The naming origination centers around the word “Social”, which is the main passion behind this team and project. We strongly believe that the future of Web3 will continue to transform social interactions in exciting ways. Therefore, we were inspired by the abbreviation “So” and connected with different parts and facets of this project.

NFTs by nature are very social because we want to be able to share our collection of digital assets with our friends and family. If you are able to mint and tokenize any asset directly on the social networks, you would also be more encouraged to share and appreciate what you own or have an interest in.


With Soda’s DAO capabilities, users can mint NFTs on social networks to create a DAO for their project. Voting on proposals can also be done off of the minted NFTs that are posted on social media. Through Soda, NFTs are given a lot of utility from the very beginning.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networks in Web2. By integrating with these top platforms, we have a large reach that we can use to bring on traditional Web2 users and early stage DAO projects by letting them experience for themselves the wonders of Web3 while having the comfort of using the Soda extension on their most familiar sites.

Sonet is an all-in-one middleware platform to support Web3 and Soda is the extension providing a direct entry point to applications. Soda is Sonet’s first Web2 extension that is connected to the Sonet middleware aggregator. We’re an integrator of blockchain services that provide all the backend infrastructure that optimize the applications built on our platform. Soda will serve as the link between Web2 and Web3. 

Sonet is trying to build a society web upon Web2 to provide a self-sovereign content network for end users, with a mobile app and web browser extension to manage the content. For our DAO community, Sonet will offer a batch minting tool that allows these organizations to mint and release their own NFT series apart from the NFTs used for inception.

Currently, Soda is a Web2 extension that allows for social NFT minting and serves as a launchpad for up and coming DAO projects. In the near future, we believe Soda can expand into other use cases such as DeFi, social trading, and even the gaming marketplace. With that said, that requires a lot of development and expansion of features, which we will prioritize and listen to our community on, as well as partner with those experts in their respective spaces. In the meanwhile, we are focused on partnering with promising DAOs that would like to leverage their existing Web2 communities and seamlessly fundraise through NFT sales. If you are interested in using Soda for your project, please contact us using the “Contact” button at the bottom of this webpage and we’ll be in touch!”

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